Winds of Chaos


This was not how things were supposed to go...

So far, being drafted hasn’t been so bad.

After watching Solmael light a healing fire to stave off the growing magic plague, we were tasked with waking up early…and trudging through sewers. This is the best use of our abilities the brass could come up with.


A magical elf wizard just solved your illness problem by having you stand in light, your guards and half the town have heard about Drachlyn’s prowess with a sword and I am damn cute and you think patrolling a disgusting tunnel is the best use of our talents? No wonder this town is going straight to shit!

Ominous mystery scream aside, the only good thing about the trip was one of our assigned fellow service…boys. I hesitate to call them men only because they were so green BUT anywho, Johannes was quite a welcome distraction from the disgusting surroundings of the sewer. It is a nice change to have a companion who appreciates my…finer points.

A lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but I’m no lady so screw it: he was adorable. Just as green as I thought he would be and eager to please.

After another uneventful day patrolling and picking up corpses I would have taken him again but Drachlyn & Solmael are no fun and forced me to give him the night off. Spoil sports.

Swarming, disgusting, vile clever bastards, Skaven. I have seen nor heard of them in this number, ascending upon the city from below. The dwarf was clever in all of her apartment renovations, but not even her handwork can keep them for long.

They are pounding on the windows and door, setting fire and murdering everything around us. Chaos, heat and death! If it all weren’t so fast paced and deadly it would almost be fun…

…until Drachlyn murders me for temporarily deafening her…

Eh I am sure she will come around. There will scores of Skaven! I couldn’t very well have them murdering her, and i shot without thinking of the proximity to which my gun was to her head. In my defense she had a fifty fifty shot at being affected. It isn’t MY fault that she has bad luck.

Running through the streets, I am worried about Sister Karrin. We haven’t seen her for some time, and though the walls around the God’s district are thick, I am afraid even this many Skaven are enough to make them tremble and fall. As we head through the burning streets and hustle the survivors to safety, I can only wonder how we will get out of this…I cannot see an end in sight.

This is all my fault.

This is not your fault.

It is though! If I had stayed with him, if I had insisted…

You didn’t know this was going to happen. It is NOT your doing.

No, you are right! This is all Solmael and Drachlyn ’s fault! Those bastards are the ones who told me to leave him alone! They are the ones who insisted he needed to sleep, needed rest! What did they know? If I had been there I could have saved him! I could have saved all of them! Now look at what remains…ripped apart like sacks of grain, their guts spilled all over for everyone to see…I will kill them I will hack off their limbs and make them watch as I split their traitorous stomachs, pull out their intestines, tie them together with their entrails and laugh at them as they slowly and painfully bleed to death…

_And If you had been there then what? Your heart would have been on the floor with theirs. Maybe you would have been able to shoot him in the head and save him a prolonged end, but it would still have been an end. The wizard and the dwarf are at no more fault than you, maybe even less so… _


You know I am right…

…in any case, what hope do any of us have of surviving this? And what will be left of this city when it is all over…



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