Winds of Chaos

All the excitement...

...or rather, why haven't I been doing this all my life?

I’ve decided rat ogres are pretty fun to fight.

There is just something about facing down a creature twice as big as you that could certainly end your life if you look at it wrong that just….makes you feel so ALIVE!

In fact, over the last day or so of fighting, since we made our way toward God’s Row, I have felt more alive and clearheaded than I can ever remember feeling before.

I cannot describe the feeling, as though lightning struck my skin and showed me this whole new way of experiencing life. I was playing it too safe this whole time, over thinking everything, planning out my path to an extent, even worrying too much about consequences, (which is saying a lot about me since I strive very hard not to think about consequences at all but…I realize now that I was) I was RULED by consequence! And now, now I just feel free.

Free to feel and experience everything around me! That rat ogre, he could have killed ALL of us. But he didnt. Instead, we murdered him and his fellows and continue on our way to saving those kids. What if we had just run away from it? We would never have known the pure power of triumph at having bested the beast! Bring on 2! 3! 4 more of the monsters, I am sure we can take them down, no problems. I see everything clearly now, our skill, our power, there is nothing we cannot do, no matter the risk! The Gods are on our side, our cause is righteous we have no need of fear!

Fear is the only thing holding us back now, and I intend to eradicate it and any wandering Rat Ogres until we have reached our goal.

What that goal is and how I will be able to tell we have completed it? Well, I tend now not to think too much on these paltry details and just enjoy the journey.



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