Winds of Chaos

What could possibly go wrong?

So I have learned a few things about myself in the last few hours:
1.) I am not particularly fond of smoking, as I cannot remember half of what happened while I was out but I have the feeling that if i do it again Drachlyn is going to murder me.
2.) I don’t much care for bricks as a message delivery device.

Seriously, I hate it SO FREAKING MUCH. It is gross, it keeps getting worse, and it makes people freak out and be dumb for no good reason! I swear to any god that will listen if I get sick again because one of these idiotic townspeople refuses to believe they are ill and goes about their business I will BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!

Earlier today a man dropped dead of the plague in the very establishment we were having dinner at! Imagine it, one minute he is eating god knows what (Probably rat) and the next he is dead. Done. Gone.


I am honestly becoming more and more impressed and grateful for Solmael every day. He seems….different now too, more commanding, more sure of his craft. I am not sure what is up with him, but all I can say is GOOD! Perhaps his abilities will not only keep us healthy, but provide us a means of staying clear of the unwashed masses…the rich idiocracy will pay good money for the services of one who can cure the plague.

Then again, a part of me does feel bad for these people: trapped in their own city, abandoned by their leaders, running out of food. I wouldn’t blame them if they rioted! Poor, wretched people on their last legs, dirty, poor, desperate! A recipe for revolution if I ever saw one, and I couldn’t hold it against them, no sir! You need to stand up for yourself and your own in these dark times, nobody else will do it for you!

Apparently we have been ‘drafted’ into the city guard…so yeah, I take back everything I just said about rioting. It is a terrible idea and no one should ever do it ever. Yay status quo. Status quo forever woooo!!

…This is going to be such a disaster.



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