Winds of Chaos

The Rats are in the Corn!!

Solmael's aching dogs

We’re in the army now! And while humans are abject failures in most areas of civilization, the one thing they do well (in fact it might even be said that they do this better than most) is wage war. So when the dogface captain drafts us on the spot, I think “Finally! Now we’ll get some things done.” Here, I have plague curing magics and other gifts of the Winds of Purity to share with you in these trying times… Nope. Patrol the sewer and haul bodies about. Thankfully, as an Elvish magus, the Treaty of Magnus the Pious entitles me to a Officer’s billet when under arms for the Empire. Which means I get to watch the flunkies they assigned me to all the heavy lifting.

But then everything went sideways. A horde of stinking, plague-infested Skaven boiled out of the old tunnels. The city was under attack. I don’t recall much of the early part of the battle beyond searing the dark-loving eyes of the vermin chasing us. And then running. Through smoke, fire and perdition we ran. And ran, and ran. Oh sweet Gods did we run. But the time we made it to the guard tower, I was readt to be run through. It would have been less painful than running more. The dwarf was solid, as all her kind are. Nor… I can only suppose that we found her true talent. The trollop runs like a gazelle.

Now though, we are back into the battle after helping citizens and throwing our official weight around. It’s time to kill some of these vermin.



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