Winds of Chaos

I'll try anything once.

This city and the people in it! We have met all kinds of people in our travels, but none so amusing as Niklaus. What crazy stuff he has procured, and the wealth of people he knows. Finally, someone who I can relate to and who speaks my language. Through him all our needs have been met: A crossbow for Drachlyn, a place of logging, legit papers at a fair price, and a fence for a couple of the jewels I…found while on our travels.

Really you couldn’t ask for a better connection.

All we have to do is help him get some leaf from some shady doctor guy and we can stay in one of his houses for practically nothing. I mean, yeah, sure I haven’t really actually STOLEN anything in any sort of sneaky, ninja like way in…well, ever. It was more luck than skill but that is no matter! I am sure it won’t be a problem. I just have to go in there, be all smooth, talk him up to his room and then…well, I haven’t quite figured out the rest yet but I am confident I will figure it out.

But first things first! Secure papers and pick up the elf without getting into more trouble. And what trouble there is to be had…sickness everywhere. Begrudgingly, I am happy Solmael is with us. His healing skills are impressive and without him we would surely have starved, been killed, died of plague or all manner of other not so fun things. He is quite handy, though gods know I wouldn’t admit as much to his face. As it is we barely got him out of the quarantined church before things got complicated.

But no matter! Focus, stealing stuff…which makes me wonder, what on earth could be so great about a plant that someone would be willing to give us THAT good of a deal on an APARTMENT for it? I have never smoked myself, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try it out, see what all the fuss is about? This gentleman is a Doctor after all, how unhealthy could it be?

…I have made a horrible mistake.



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