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Nor’s Stream of Consciousness


If there is one thing I have learned in my 22 years on this earth it is that they are all the same. Take this poor carriage driver. Clearly nobody has bothered to listen, REALLY listen, to anything he has to say. Well, today that changes! All people really want is to be heard, and to talk. Talk talk talk! Spill their guts all over the place for me to sift through. Secrets, lies, juicy bits of information just come tumbling out of their mouths when you make it clear you are on their side.

…even if you aren’t.

They just want to tell their stories and feel like they have made their mark. Well, I am happy to listen, especially when discounted rides to exciting cities full of potential are on the line.

This carriage driver isn’t that bad I guess…I mean, he may LOOK like his face was kicked by a mule and then used to clean an outhouse but he certainly has had some fascinating passengers. Frankly, I am grateful to have sat next to him our whole ride up to Taalagad and not trapped in that coach w those kids. Don’t get me wrong, they were adorable and all, but they are way more interested in my companions than me and I don’t even know what I would say to them. I am not really into baby dolls and toy soldiers, are they even old enough to understand the finer points of general conversation? No thanks, I will leave that to Draclyn. My esteemed colleague makes quite the babysitter!

Speaking of which, what the heck is up with her anyway? I have been nothing but nice to her but she continues to shun my attempts at kinship. I offered to do her hair, she balks. I try to start friendly conversation, she just stares at me. I try to get her some…prime rib, and she acts all offended! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW SHE WASN’T INTO STUDS?? I would have rounded up some mares if I had known her preferences! She refuses to share anything about herself and it is SO rude! We are in this together now, all I want to do is be a good teammate and help her out and she continues to be a stone wall. And a RUDE stone wall at that! All my good intentions…well, I will not REST until we are the bosom-est of friends! WE WILL BE BFFS IF IT KILLS ME. OR HER!

I must say though, the elf is pretty all right. He gets where I am coming from, and is just the most fantastic showman! Now THERE is a guy who understands a little flash can go a long way! He did this thing with his cloak when we were trying to get into the city…just pure song and dance I love it. He and I could make a lot of cash in this city…All in the name of altruism of course…

This whole Talaagad thing is not my cup of tea. Locked out of the city proper, Ms High and Mighty being a jerk, Solmael having an aneurysm at the slightest hint of dirt…and the poor here…it is so sad. Those bastards inside the walls are probably living it up with their fancy houses and modern conveniences, while we are stuck out here in the shit! I am all about moving some of these people out of here, at this rate we are never going to get into the city if we have to wait for all of these refugees ahead of us. Move them on to a new life of fresher air and opportunity, and let me be the one to bring them to their salvation. A little gratitude here and there is more valuable than gold in certain situations…

Magistrate Hoehenlowe seems like our best bet to get into the city…and man does he surround himself with some interesting people! There is this one guy who had a wig on his shoulder (who, according to this super nice lady who sat next to me at breakfast is either made of virgin hair from the heads of elves in the northern isles or bleached horsetails), Another lady with a mole the size of a gold piece right in the middle of her nose, and yet another lady who (according to a sly looking bookkeeper closer to the fire) is all about her cocker spaniel in ways that would make poor Sister Karrin blush. And then there is, of course, the disgruntled employee willing to share all the dirt on Hoehenlowe and his shady use of authority. Couple that with the insane vanity of the local Countess, makes this whole trip all the more amusing.

Sometimes I wish that Solmael would cut the whole ‘I sense a dark presence here’ crap.

If he could have just kept his magic radar in check for another 5 minutes we could have been out of there, on our way to herding sheeple out of this disgusting rat infested port to new lives in the countryside…complete with plenty of opportunities to make connections in new and upcoming cities and possible pay days in the form of land and favors.

But NOOOOOOO he had to be all on point and sense some evil in the city. Now it looks like we will be skipping over our side quest and forcing our way into the city somehow. I can only hope that Hoehenlowe’s desire for clout and power will be strong enough to take our letter in exchange for passage.

If not, I hate to think of the inner city being destroyed before we’ve had a chance to make our own mark on it…



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