Winds of Chaos

All the excitement...
...or rather, why haven't I been doing this all my life?

I’ve decided rat ogres are pretty fun to fight.

There is just something about facing down a creature twice as big as you that could certainly end your life if you look at it wrong that just….makes you feel so ALIVE!

In fact, over the last day or so of fighting, since we made our way toward God’s Row, I have felt more alive and clearheaded than I can ever remember feeling before.

I cannot describe the feeling, as though lightning struck my skin and showed me this whole new way of experiencing life. I was playing it too safe this whole time, over thinking everything, planning out my path to an extent, even worrying too much about consequences, (which is saying a lot about me since I strive very hard not to think about consequences at all but…I realize now that I was) I was RULED by consequence! And now, now I just feel free.

Free to feel and experience everything around me! That rat ogre, he could have killed ALL of us. But he didnt. Instead, we murdered him and his fellows and continue on our way to saving those kids. What if we had just run away from it? We would never have known the pure power of triumph at having bested the beast! Bring on 2! 3! 4 more of the monsters, I am sure we can take them down, no problems. I see everything clearly now, our skill, our power, there is nothing we cannot do, no matter the risk! The Gods are on our side, our cause is righteous we have no need of fear!

Fear is the only thing holding us back now, and I intend to eradicate it and any wandering Rat Ogres until we have reached our goal.

What that goal is and how I will be able to tell we have completed it? Well, I tend now not to think too much on these paltry details and just enjoy the journey.

The Rats are in the Corn!!
Solmael's aching dogs

We’re in the army now! And while humans are abject failures in most areas of civilization, the one thing they do well (in fact it might even be said that they do this better than most) is wage war. So when the dogface captain drafts us on the spot, I think “Finally! Now we’ll get some things done.” Here, I have plague curing magics and other gifts of the Winds of Purity to share with you in these trying times… Nope. Patrol the sewer and haul bodies about. Thankfully, as an Elvish magus, the Treaty of Magnus the Pious entitles me to a Officer’s billet when under arms for the Empire. Which means I get to watch the flunkies they assigned me to all the heavy lifting.

But then everything went sideways. A horde of stinking, plague-infested Skaven boiled out of the old tunnels. The city was under attack. I don’t recall much of the early part of the battle beyond searing the dark-loving eyes of the vermin chasing us. And then running. Through smoke, fire and perdition we ran. And ran, and ran. Oh sweet Gods did we run. But the time we made it to the guard tower, I was readt to be run through. It would have been less painful than running more. The dwarf was solid, as all her kind are. Nor… I can only suppose that we found her true talent. The trollop runs like a gazelle.

Now though, we are back into the battle after helping citizens and throwing our official weight around. It’s time to kill some of these vermin.

This was not how things were supposed to go...

So far, being drafted hasn’t been so bad.

After watching Solmael light a healing fire to stave off the growing magic plague, we were tasked with waking up early…and trudging through sewers. This is the best use of our abilities the brass could come up with.


A magical elf wizard just solved your illness problem by having you stand in light, your guards and half the town have heard about Drachlyn’s prowess with a sword and I am damn cute and you think patrolling a disgusting tunnel is the best use of our talents? No wonder this town is going straight to shit!

Ominous mystery scream aside, the only good thing about the trip was one of our assigned fellow service…boys. I hesitate to call them men only because they were so green BUT anywho, Johannes was quite a welcome distraction from the disgusting surroundings of the sewer. It is a nice change to have a companion who appreciates my…finer points.

A lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but I’m no lady so screw it: he was adorable. Just as green as I thought he would be and eager to please.

After another uneventful day patrolling and picking up corpses I would have taken him again but Drachlyn & Solmael are no fun and forced me to give him the night off. Spoil sports.

Swarming, disgusting, vile clever bastards, Skaven. I have seen nor heard of them in this number, ascending upon the city from below. The dwarf was clever in all of her apartment renovations, but not even her handwork can keep them for long.

They are pounding on the windows and door, setting fire and murdering everything around us. Chaos, heat and death! If it all weren’t so fast paced and deadly it would almost be fun…

…until Drachlyn murders me for temporarily deafening her…

Eh I am sure she will come around. There will scores of Skaven! I couldn’t very well have them murdering her, and i shot without thinking of the proximity to which my gun was to her head. In my defense she had a fifty fifty shot at being affected. It isn’t MY fault that she has bad luck.

Running through the streets, I am worried about Sister Karrin. We haven’t seen her for some time, and though the walls around the God’s district are thick, I am afraid even this many Skaven are enough to make them tremble and fall. As we head through the burning streets and hustle the survivors to safety, I can only wonder how we will get out of this…I cannot see an end in sight.

This is all my fault.

This is not your fault.

It is though! If I had stayed with him, if I had insisted…

You didn’t know this was going to happen. It is NOT your doing.

No, you are right! This is all Solmael and Drachlyn ’s fault! Those bastards are the ones who told me to leave him alone! They are the ones who insisted he needed to sleep, needed rest! What did they know? If I had been there I could have saved him! I could have saved all of them! Now look at what remains…ripped apart like sacks of grain, their guts spilled all over for everyone to see…I will kill them I will hack off their limbs and make them watch as I split their traitorous stomachs, pull out their intestines, tie them together with their entrails and laugh at them as they slowly and painfully bleed to death…

_And If you had been there then what? Your heart would have been on the floor with theirs. Maybe you would have been able to shoot him in the head and save him a prolonged end, but it would still have been an end. The wizard and the dwarf are at no more fault than you, maybe even less so… _


You know I am right…

…in any case, what hope do any of us have of surviving this? And what will be left of this city when it is all over…

Brick in the wall.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. We received a most cordial summons in the form of a brick being flung at our newly reinforced door, demanding some monetary tribute to a crime-lord that everyone but us knows about. After a rather… productive… conversation with a local scarecrow, we sent one of the urchins off to deliver a meeting request to our summoner, then set out for a bite to eat. Thankfully all of the irritation I felt at the dramatic happenstance did not leave me hungry, as our restaurant of choice was… tainted. The stew smelled awful, anyway.

I haven’t felt much tugging at my soul recently. Perhaps the winds are changing for me?

We’ll see how the meeting with our mysterious caller goes.

What could possibly go wrong?

So I have learned a few things about myself in the last few hours:
1.) I am not particularly fond of smoking, as I cannot remember half of what happened while I was out but I have the feeling that if i do it again Drachlyn is going to murder me.
2.) I don’t much care for bricks as a message delivery device.

Seriously, I hate it SO FREAKING MUCH. It is gross, it keeps getting worse, and it makes people freak out and be dumb for no good reason! I swear to any god that will listen if I get sick again because one of these idiotic townspeople refuses to believe they are ill and goes about their business I will BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!

Earlier today a man dropped dead of the plague in the very establishment we were having dinner at! Imagine it, one minute he is eating god knows what (Probably rat) and the next he is dead. Done. Gone.


I am honestly becoming more and more impressed and grateful for Solmael every day. He seems….different now too, more commanding, more sure of his craft. I am not sure what is up with him, but all I can say is GOOD! Perhaps his abilities will not only keep us healthy, but provide us a means of staying clear of the unwashed masses…the rich idiocracy will pay good money for the services of one who can cure the plague.

Then again, a part of me does feel bad for these people: trapped in their own city, abandoned by their leaders, running out of food. I wouldn’t blame them if they rioted! Poor, wretched people on their last legs, dirty, poor, desperate! A recipe for revolution if I ever saw one, and I couldn’t hold it against them, no sir! You need to stand up for yourself and your own in these dark times, nobody else will do it for you!

Apparently we have been ‘drafted’ into the city guard…so yeah, I take back everything I just said about rioting. It is a terrible idea and no one should ever do it ever. Yay status quo. Status quo forever woooo!!

…This is going to be such a disaster.

Chaos Reigns in Taalagad!!! HELP US oh Mighty Taal!!!
It's hell out 're ya bitch!

MontyGnome.jpg That’s right people!! The oh so wondrous Bitch of Taalabheim has sealed the gates! While all those lucky bastards inside the great walls are livin’ high coin and with every need provided we hard working serfs without are facing the worst of the worst!!! Last nights food riots in the Kislevite quarter claimed at least seven lives including a Halfling cook who was stuffed alive into his own deep fryer!!

Six people were burned at the stake by the mad Inquisitor Damien Kurg. Anyone who even looks like an elf is being hauled to the stake. For even the suspicion of being allied with as of yet captured Elvish villain wanted for questioning in the corruption of a Dwarvish virgin! And let us not forget her subsequent eruption of gore ridden filth and violence against the hard working laborers in the Kislevite Quarter!!!

Food is scarce, the water is rancid…and increased sightings of the Skaven skulking about at night have put everyone on edge.

Rather than executing her gods given duties as a Noble and protector of her people….does our leadership send us reinforcements? How about some fresh food or some water? Hell no, she shuts the gates and leaves us to die!!!!

Even our very own local Magistrate Hoehenlowe has been unable to provide us relief. Last night a throng of starving refugees swamped his headquarters and overran his men and the larder with it!!!

The plague is rampant. It has spread even to the outlying villages. The bodies are stacking up and there are few of us left unscarred by this horrible disease!! We need help!! We need succor!!!

Someone please ride to Altdorf and complain to the Emperor this is preposterous!!!

~ Yers truly, Monty !!

I'll try anything once.

This city and the people in it! We have met all kinds of people in our travels, but none so amusing as Niklaus. What crazy stuff he has procured, and the wealth of people he knows. Finally, someone who I can relate to and who speaks my language. Through him all our needs have been met: A crossbow for Drachlyn, a place of logging, legit papers at a fair price, and a fence for a couple of the jewels I…found while on our travels.

Really you couldn’t ask for a better connection.

All we have to do is help him get some leaf from some shady doctor guy and we can stay in one of his houses for practically nothing. I mean, yeah, sure I haven’t really actually STOLEN anything in any sort of sneaky, ninja like way in…well, ever. It was more luck than skill but that is no matter! I am sure it won’t be a problem. I just have to go in there, be all smooth, talk him up to his room and then…well, I haven’t quite figured out the rest yet but I am confident I will figure it out.

But first things first! Secure papers and pick up the elf without getting into more trouble. And what trouble there is to be had…sickness everywhere. Begrudgingly, I am happy Solmael is with us. His healing skills are impressive and without him we would surely have starved, been killed, died of plague or all manner of other not so fun things. He is quite handy, though gods know I wouldn’t admit as much to his face. As it is we barely got him out of the quarantined church before things got complicated.

But no matter! Focus, stealing stuff…which makes me wonder, what on earth could be so great about a plant that someone would be willing to give us THAT good of a deal on an APARTMENT for it? I have never smoked myself, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try it out, see what all the fuss is about? This gentleman is a Doctor after all, how unhealthy could it be?

…I have made a horrible mistake.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - Proclamation of the Sealing of thar Wizard's Way!

Hear ye, Hear ye citizens of the Free City of Talabheim!

By proclamation of her Excellency Duchess Elise and the Parliament has hereby ordered the gates of the Wizard’s way closed and sealed until further notice!

Due to certain lawless and unhealthy elements outside of our wondrous, clean, vibrant, and loyal city dediced to the Lord of Nature Taal…

Her Excellency wishing to keep peace and bring happiness to all of her subjects makes this decision known!

It will be only for a short time and then we will resume congress with the poor foolish foreigners outside.

Thank ye!


Work settles the heart.

I have spent too long without an honest day creating something. Granted it was for free for a man who attempted wholeheartedly to con me out of my money, but fortifying our "benefactor"’s safe-house calmed my nerves more than I had anticipated. I don’t even regret supplying the materials. Something about working, in an honest capacity, with no bloodshed and no mixed motives and no ethical grey areas was soothing. Perhaps, once all of this insanity is complete, the winds of magic cease their howl, the children are safe, and we are all… whatever we desire to be, I will retire to a life of carpentry? Or perhaps metalwork? Or… Hm.

The dark daydreams have largely dissipated. Perhaps they were the result of too much guilt, or too much road-exhaustion, or a combination of the two. At any rate, I have settled back into my own skin, no longer feeling it is on loan to some darker power. I remain wary, but… it has been nice to reaffirm my grip on things. Unfortunately, I have also reaffirmed my grip onto the barely-coherent body of Nor, who has proven even without the full motor function of her tongue to be a nuisance.

No matter. She took care of me; I will do the same.

How do we ever get anything done?

Travelling on a road, you come to a fork: go left and into a giant walled city filled with evil. Go right, almost get your face chewed off by your possessed rabid companion.

How did I get on this road again? Somebody please enlighten me because at this moment, fast talking guards and about to faint from exhaustion as my elf comrade leads away a dazed and blood covered dwarf, I begin to wonder what made me think a life of high crime and adventure would really be so fun.

I really hope Drachlyn is ok…but no time for dark thoughts now, I need to stay strong (and upright) and have my wits about me to get us into this city. Let Solmael tend to Lyn, I know nothing of madness or magic.

I do, however, know of fine looking men, such as the tall drink of water surveying my companions destruction. Or is he more interested in the elf? Something about him doesn’t sit right with me, something in his cold stare…witch hunters.

If there is one thing I hate, it is a handsome man with no sense of humour, and witch hunters are the worst! Women hating, magic hating, life hating, they take so much pleasure in their torture and their revenge and their fires.


That, or maybe I am just a tad bit insulted that he didn’t return my flirtatious banter.

Either way, I do not like the way he looks in Solmael’s direction. I would hate for his magical walkabout to be cut short by a pyre of wood and a match.

Note to self: be nicer to the elf as he totally saved your ass from dying of magical plague.

Though small, this guide that our host has contracted to lead us furtively into the city has certainly made up for his shortcomings with cologne. I suppose I cannot blame him, this city smells revolting and I would take musk over feces any day of the week.

Not my type though, too short and rat like in countenance, though I can see he is more than happy to flirt and be merry despite the circumstances. Little rats have never bothered me, though I must say how rude to be attacked inside the city walls by overgrown vermin. Disgusting, blind, certainly disease carriers if I ever saw some, these things MUST be related to that malady I had earlier, they must! Something so devious could only have been thought of by something so disgusting.

Dispatching them was a pleasure, though I think Drachlyn took too much from it. She seems…off still. Looking into her eyes is like looking down these dark tunnels, she is far and away.
I suppose I should refrain from teasing her until she is more herself, I would hate to think her not cognizant when she strangles the life out of me, as I am sure she would derive great pleasure from it.

The city at last! I cannot wait to see what treasure it has in store for us, and what possible adventure as well. The evil presence is surely close now, ripe for the undoing and reaping of rewards.

…hopefully we are all in one piece by the end of it.


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