Winds of Chaos


How do we ever get anything done?

Travelling on a road, you come to a fork: go left and into a giant walled city filled with evil. Go right, almost get your face chewed off by your possessed rabid companion.

How did I get on this road again? Somebody please enlighten me because at this moment, fast talking guards and about to faint from exhaustion as my elf comrade leads away a dazed and blood covered dwarf, I begin to wonder what made me think a life of high crime and adventure would really be so fun.

I really hope Drachlyn is ok…but no time for dark thoughts now, I need to stay strong (and upright) and have my wits about me to get us into this city. Let Solmael tend to Lyn, I know nothing of madness or magic.

I do, however, know of fine looking men, such as the tall drink of water surveying my companions destruction. Or is he more interested in the elf? Something about him doesn’t sit right with me, something in his cold stare…witch hunters.

If there is one thing I hate, it is a handsome man with no sense of humour, and witch hunters are the worst! Women hating, magic hating, life hating, they take so much pleasure in their torture and their revenge and their fires.


That, or maybe I am just a tad bit insulted that he didn’t return my flirtatious banter.

Either way, I do not like the way he looks in Solmael’s direction. I would hate for his magical walkabout to be cut short by a pyre of wood and a match.

Note to self: be nicer to the elf as he totally saved your ass from dying of magical plague.

Though small, this guide that our host has contracted to lead us furtively into the city has certainly made up for his shortcomings with cologne. I suppose I cannot blame him, this city smells revolting and I would take musk over feces any day of the week.

Not my type though, too short and rat like in countenance, though I can see he is more than happy to flirt and be merry despite the circumstances. Little rats have never bothered me, though I must say how rude to be attacked inside the city walls by overgrown vermin. Disgusting, blind, certainly disease carriers if I ever saw some, these things MUST be related to that malady I had earlier, they must! Something so devious could only have been thought of by something so disgusting.

Dispatching them was a pleasure, though I think Drachlyn took too much from it. She seems…off still. Looking into her eyes is like looking down these dark tunnels, she is far and away.
I suppose I should refrain from teasing her until she is more herself, I would hate to think her not cognizant when she strangles the life out of me, as I am sure she would derive great pleasure from it.

The city at last! I cannot wait to see what treasure it has in store for us, and what possible adventure as well. The evil presence is surely close now, ripe for the undoing and reaping of rewards.

…hopefully we are all in one piece by the end of it.



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