Winds of Chaos

Chaos Reigns in Taalagad!!! HELP US oh Mighty Taal!!!

It's hell out 're ya bitch!

MontyGnome.jpg That’s right people!! The oh so wondrous Bitch of Taalabheim has sealed the gates! While all those lucky bastards inside the great walls are livin’ high coin and with every need provided we hard working serfs without are facing the worst of the worst!!! Last nights food riots in the Kislevite quarter claimed at least seven lives including a Halfling cook who was stuffed alive into his own deep fryer!!

Six people were burned at the stake by the mad Inquisitor Damien Kurg. Anyone who even looks like an elf is being hauled to the stake. For even the suspicion of being allied with as of yet captured Elvish villain wanted for questioning in the corruption of a Dwarvish virgin! And let us not forget her subsequent eruption of gore ridden filth and violence against the hard working laborers in the Kislevite Quarter!!!

Food is scarce, the water is rancid…and increased sightings of the Skaven skulking about at night have put everyone on edge.

Rather than executing her gods given duties as a Noble and protector of her people….does our leadership send us reinforcements? How about some fresh food or some water? Hell no, she shuts the gates and leaves us to die!!!!

Even our very own local Magistrate Hoehenlowe has been unable to provide us relief. Last night a throng of starving refugees swamped his headquarters and overran his men and the larder with it!!!

The plague is rampant. It has spread even to the outlying villages. The bodies are stacking up and there are few of us left unscarred by this horrible disease!! We need help!! We need succor!!!

Someone please ride to Altdorf and complain to the Emperor this is preposterous!!!

~ Yers truly, Monty !!



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